How We Came To Be

The Abundant Life Pregnancy Resource Center was born from the belief that every life, from the moment of conception, is precious and holds value.  Our name is derived from John 10:10, in which Jesus tells us He wants us to find abundant life in Him.  God has a unique and perfect purpose for every life He creates.  For a few years God has stirred our church, our county, and our team with a conviction that something BIG was coming.  The question on all our hearts was "How can we nurture and love not just the unborn, but also the families and loved one who face pregnancy decisions under difficult and challenging circumstances?"  In 2021, God sent the answer by paving the way for a local, Christ-led ministry to meet the needs of our city, county, and beyond.  As we continue to grow, our goals remain unchanged.  We want to deliver compassionate services, to women and their partners, in a safe and caring environment, and above all reach as many people for Christ as we possibly can.

Our Mission

We are committed to sharing the message of abundant life in Christ, in order to save the lives of unborn babies at the risk of abortion, and help families develop healthy parenting skills.  Our mission is to be a lifeline, for people experiencing pregnancy decisions and parenting needs, in a safe and encouraging environment.  We are devoted to providing life-affirming choices by offering faith-based hope, support, and compassion to those in need.

Our Vision

We exist to encourage, equip, and empower women and men, to choose life for their unborn child.  We are unwavering in our dedication to serve this life decision-making group at our highest priority, without neglecting those who have already chosen life and to become an advocate for the most vulnerable members of our community.